Showing our stuff at Cheeki Monkeys...

We ran our first ever stall this weekend at the Cheeki Monkeys childrens event in Sidmouth. Sarah and I made up five cakes to show off our designs both new and existing to the young families of Sidmouth. Keep an eye on the galleries in the coming days to see more details of our new designs!

Me and Sarah displaying our wares..

Me and Sarah displaying our wares..

A winter wedding with a twist!

This cake was great to make as I got to hand paint a sunset and mountain scene and make lego men! The front of the cake is an elegant affair with assorted sparkling snowflakes, and the back looks like its made of lego! Great fun!

Merry Christmas guys!

These two fruit cakes were Christmas gifts commissioned by a relative of mine with inspiration drawn from the plush rabbits of Tylney Hall.

Getting my monster on!

This cake has been some serious fun to make. Very fiddly and time consuming but totally worth it to see the looks on the birthday girls' faces as I walked in with it! Fun!

Happy Halloween!

This cake was a 40th 'Halloween themed' birthday cake. It was a gluten free chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream and as spooky as I could make it!

Do you want to build a snowman?

This cake was for one of my youngest daughter's friends and I have a feeling there may be a few more very similar cakes to follow!!! This particular one had a pink vanilla sponge cake and pink buttercream filling.

An African inspired cake...

This week my brief was 'Chocolate cake -  African theme with elephants and a waterfall'.

I have thoroughly enjoyed making this one as I got to get the spray gun out and hand paint on all the details, which is right up my street as an artist! More painted cake orders please!

Elegant Simplicity...

This week I've designed and constructed a 3 tier wedding cake (fruit cake with marzipan base tier/ vanilla sponge, buttercream and jam middle tier/ carrot cake and cream cheese filling top tier) for a lovely couple in Deddington, Oxfordshire. The brief I was given was "Baby Pink, elegant and pretty."

The cakes were iced in white and finished with sugar veil lace patterning to give a touch of elegance. To bring in a little more colour I hand made baby pink sugar paste roses to finish it off. Hope you like it!

My First Topsy Turvey Wedding Cake..

This weeks cake was a top hat themed topsy-turvey cake for an old school friend that was having their wedding at the 'Old Hat Factory' up in Luton. I've always wanted to make an 'Alice in Wonderland' - mad hatter style cake so when the brief they gave me was 'a bit wacky and eccentric with a top hat featured somewhere'. I excitedly ran with it and let the mad hatter in me loose! I added burgundy roses to give a bit of elegance and class and to match the cake with the colour scheme of the wedding but chose black, white and gold to get as much contrast on the cake as I could.  Finally I added feathers because, well, why not! Who doesn't love a bit of dramatic flair?! Hope you like it, more pictures in the gallery. x


A fresh start on the web!

A year into the business and it was time to freshen up the website to meet the business's growing needs and diversity. So after several days of tinkering, uploading, adjusting and generally fiddling with the site it's now up and live! We now have better galleries, the ability to inquire directly from the site itself and of course this blog to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest projects. I hope you all like it as much as I do, feel free to comment on the post if there's anything else you'd like to see included or improved!

Han xXx